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All mat classes are 55 minutes in duration and there is a maximum of 9- 10 people per mat session.


Foundational Pilates

For those that have no knowledge or previous experience of Pilates. Also suitable for those who have limited experience and need to refresh the principles and gain a thorough understanding of the foundations of pilates.


A minimum of 10 sessions is essential to gain a thorogh understanding. 


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Level 1

Suitable for those that already have an understanding of pilates fundamentals and would like to continue to develop them with a strengthening element and greater understanding of neutral spine and the deep abdominals. Small apparatus equipment may be used at this level.


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Level 2-3

Participants should have a sound knoweldge of the principles of pilates and continue to challenge and enhance their stability, strength and flexibility. Small apparatus equipment may be used in sessions.


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Is a mind body technique that was developed by Thomas Hanna. It assists the body to unlearn unwanted movement patters and facilitates greater mind-body integration, ease of movement and freedom in the body.

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"CHANGE HAPPENS THROUGH MOVEMENT AND MOVEMENT HEALS"                                            -Joseph Pilates


The pilates stick class is a 30 minute class of increased muscular activation incorporating the Pilates stick. While still holding true to the principles of pilates, the pilates stick will add extra challenge through resistance. Most exercises are from a mat based, so it is essential to attend at least 1 mat class per week as an addition to your pilates stick session.


The class will have a maximum of 5 participants and we will be doing the same sequence as a group. The class flows continuously for 30 minutes and as the group progresses the session repertoire will increases, as will your strength.


Minimum level to attend is Level 1 or above or approximately 12 months pilates experience. This class is not suitable for participants who have major injuries or chronic conditions that restrict movement. *Non slip socks are essential.


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Preparing for your class

  • Clothing - please wear comfortable, well-fitting clothing. As movements are slower and more precise, layered clothing can be helpful in the early stages of learning.

  • Jewellery - for safety reasons all excessive or sharp jewellery should be removed.

  • Bring - bring clean socks (ideally grip socks) to wear, and a clean bath towel to place on the mat that is provided. 

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